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Poydras Street/Loyola Avenue

Martin Payton, Savoy, 1990-2013, Painted Steel, (Louisiana)

Poydras Street/Loyola Avenue

Carlos Borer, No. 386, 2006, Stainless Steel, (Switzerland)

Poydras Street/Penn Street

Mia Kaplan, Swamp Flower, 2013, Steel, (Louisiana)
Photo credit: Cedric Angeles

Poydras Street/O’Keefe Avenue and Baronne Street

Wesley Wofford, Reawakening, 2007, Polyester, (North Carolina)

Poydras Street/Baronne Street and St. Charles Avenue

James Surls, Standing Vase with Five Flowers, 2010, Bronze, (Texas/Colorado)

Poydras Street/Carondolet and St. Charles Avenue

David Borgerding, Sasookasoon, 2010, Bronze, (Louisiana)
Photo credit: Bill Sasser

Poydras Street/Camp and Magazine Streets

Jason Kimes, At Rest, 2010, Steel, (Mississippi)

Poydras Street/Camp and Magazine Streets

Enrique Alférez, Gymnast, 1990-1991, Bronze, (Louisiana)

Poydras Street/St. Charles Avenue and Camp Street

Ed Wilson, Nethership, 1997-2013, Steel, (Texas)

Poydras Street/Convention Center Boulevard

Russell Whiting, Man Conquers Chair, 2010, Carved steel (Louisiana)

Poydras Street/Convention Center Boulevard (in front of Harrah’s Casino)

John Henry, Zach’s Tower, 2007, Painted steel, (Tennessee)

Convention Center Boulevard/N. Diamond Street

Jim Gallucci, Sunflower Gate, 2010, Galvanized steel, (North Carolina)

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