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José Bedia, Jorge Otero and
Mario Petrirena

José Bedia

The José Bedia exhibition, a collaboration with the Heriard-Cimino Gallery in New Orleans, will include a site-specific drawing done on a wall in the Museum. Bedia uses a personal, pan-humanist language informed by the religious, mythical and magical symbols of primitive cultures to explore concepts of identity and place in his large-scale drawings.

Jorge Otero: Un-restored Miami

Un-restored Miami is an exhibition of color photographs of Miami in the early 1980s, when the city's faded glamour retained a poignant beauty.

Mario Petrirena: Soul House

Soul House is an exhibition of his sculptural clay pieces, repeating motifs of the human head and the archetypical form of a pitched-roof house, to address issues of abandonment and whether the home or body holds the soul.

More about ¡Si Cuba!

¡Sí Cuba! is a collaborative venture between museums, universities, galleries, and other arts organizations across New Orleans.

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