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New Photographs

Recent Acquisitions of the Ogden Museum

As the Ogden Museum works to advance the knowledge and appreciation of Southern Culture as seen through the eyes of the region's artists, this exhibition focuses on the most recent acquisitions of photography. The black and white photographs of Elemore Morgan, Sr. deal with such broad themes as forestry, industry and folk life unfolding in Louisiana from the 1930s through the 60s. Working as a photojournalist for The Times-Picayune, G. E. Arnold continues this documentation, focusing on New ORleans and the major events of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. In contrast, William Greiner's color photography shows contemporary Louisiana and the search for magic in the mundane of everyday life. Furthering the contemporary views of the South, Mark Surloff's imgs of Florida explore elemental forms that become monumental in the everyday landscape. Investigating abstraction with photography, Jorge Ortero's superbly printed color photographs of South Carolina also show us the poetic possibilities of form.

Four artists in this exhibition have focused on Mississippi, showing their unique vision of daily life in the South. Gulf Coast photographer Lyle Bonge delves into abstraction with his fine art photography. Maude Schuyler Clay focuses on the Mississippi Delta including family and landscape in her imgs. David Rae Morris's imgs in this exhibition appear in My Mississippi, the book he planned with his father, Willie Morris, as an exploration into the diverse history and culture of the deep south. Jack Katz, who recently released Ms. Booth's Garden, looks at Mississippi through the life of his grandmother, utilizing his narrative photographs to delve deeper into Mathiston, Mississippi.

The artists in this exhibition range from those born in the 19th century to artists working today. While not all inclusive, this exhibition highlights many important self-taught artists that are drawn from the Ogden Museum's collection as well as recent donations. On opening, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art will have a gallery dedicated to self-taught artists and this exhibit previews the importance of that body of work to the Ogden Museum and to the South.

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