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The Story of the South: Chapter Two Art and Culture, 1980-2003

The inaugural exhibition of The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, University of New Orleans, celebrates "The Story of the South: Art and Culture: 1890-2003." And, as is the case with any good story, this story has different chapters unveiling the tale the Ogden Museum reveals through the visual arts.

This opening "Story of the South" consists of three chapters. The first, unveiled on Saturday, August 23, 2003, showcased the Museum's Collection, highlighting the donation of Roger H. Ogden, the founder of The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and the growth of the Collection over the last three years. The Museum's opening featured galleries dedicated to Will Henry Stevens, Benny Andrews and Family, and Walter Anderson, and explored themes including the importance of landscape, place, spirit, family and celebration. Presented chronologically and thematically, the opening chapter outlined major trends in the development of Southern art since 1890.

Chapter 2, opening Thursday, December 4, 2003, introduces the work of over 25 Southern artists who, during their careers, have made important contributions to the development of American art in the twentieth century, weaving them into the Ogden Museum Collection, and providing a comparison for their work within the context of Southern art.

Chapter 2 is made possible through the generous support of Judith Alexander, the John and Maxine Belger Family Foundation, Vincencia Blount, Andrew Bucci and Cole Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Coleman, Lin Emery, Mr. and Mrs. John Fishbach, William Greiner, James Mounger, Sonia and Isaac Luski, Roger H. Ogden, Gina Philips and John Scott.

Third Floor
Atrium Gallery
Masters of Glass: The Penland School
New Acquisitions in glass from the Sonia and Isaac Luski Collection, including Rick Beck, Gary Beecham, Stephen Dee Edwards, Robert Levin, Harvey Littleton, Mark Peiser and Richard Ritter.

Fourth floor
Contemporary Photography Gallery
William Eggleston: The Guide Years
This installation explores the ground-breaking color photography exhibition first shown at the Museum of Modern Art (New York) in 1976 by the Memphis, Tennessee-based photographer William Eggleston. The exhibition of Eggleston's work is made possible through the loan of William Greiner.

Modernism in the South: Vincencia Blount
An overview of works from the 1960s and 1970s by the pioneering Atlanta, Georgia modernist painter, Vincencia Blount.

Fourth Floor-Fifth Floor Staircase
Gina Philips, Memento

Fifth Floor
Terrace Gallery
A corridor featuring New Orleans artists with selected new acquisitions, showcasing the work of Nicole Charbonnet, George Dureau, Robert Gordy, Martin Payton, John Scott and Pat Trivigno.

Southern Contemporary Gallery
New works contributing to the story of Contemporary Southern Art incorporate Southern Masters Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Rene?e Stout, Robert Stackhouse, William Christenberry, David Parrish, John Baeder and Duane Hanson, and New Orleans artists' Ida Kohlmeyer and Bob Tannen. The Ogden Museum of Southern Art is pleased to work in partnership with the John and Maxine Belger Family Foundation, Kansas City, Missouri, in bringing the work of major Southern artists supported by the Foundation into the context of the Ogden Museum.

Roof Terrace
Sculpture by Lin Emery and David Bates

Multi-Purpose Room
Works (including new acquisitions) from the Ogden Museum Collection by Andrew Bucci, George Dunbar, Ida Kohlmeyer, Jim Richard and Arthur Silverman