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From the Outside (In)

Self-taught and Visionary Art From the Ogden Museum

Self-taught and visionary artists have existed on the outside of the established art world on the one hand, while on the other, most of them have work in galleries and museums as well as being respected and recognized for their accomplishments as artists. The source of inspiration, in view of life that sustains their works, may be outside the normal realm of traditional artists. These artists that were once called outsiders are now very recognized and a significant part of the art world.

The artists in this exhibition range from those born in the 19th century to artists working today. While not all inclusive, this exhibition highlights many important self-taught artists that are drawn from the Ogden Museum's collection as well as recent donations. On opening, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art will have a gallery dedicated to self-taught artists and this exhibit previews the importance of that body of work to the Ogden Museum and to the South.

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