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Sprit of Place: Art of Acadiana

May 5 - July 22, 2005

The poetic name of Acadiana and the regions historical link with the Cajun and Creole peoples immediately define the importance of a longstanding and distinct regional culture. The unique traditions of food, music and language have survived through periods of neglect, modernization and, most recently, commercialization. Although not all of the artists in the exhibition are natives of the region, it is impossible to live there for any period of time and not be affected by the low geography, the presence of water and agriculture, as well as the above-mentioned traditions of food, music and history.

This exhibition focuses on natives, transplants to the region and artists who use to live in Acadiana and now live elsewhere. In examining the visual culture of a region the importance of common experience and shared sensibilities are sometimes direct - people, places, objects and human activities - but also can be intangible - color, texture, archetypal forms, materials and visual rhythms. The work in Spirit of Place: Art of Acadiana looks at individuality grounded in the idea of place. The three generations of artists represented in the exhibition share more than a common geography and culture. They share an artistic community created by teacher/ student relationships, personal friendships and professional cross-pollination that has created an unusually tight knit sense of community.

Any regional survey always captures a dynamic environment at a specific moment in time. As such, this exhibition is not a definitive fixed statement, but a snapshot-like cross-section of a distinctive region of the South in a moment of transition.

This exhibition is presented in collaboration with the Haynie Family Foundation. Opens Thursday, May 5, 2005 at 6pm.

Francis Pavy,
Crawfish Eater,