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Outreach Programs

Early Childhood Enrichment Program and Tours

Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute, The Ogden Museum's Early Childhood Enrichment Program serves pre-K, kindergarten and first-grade children with the goal of making art approachable-teaching art in a way in which students can easily relate and understand-as well as introducing children a museum.

This program also strives to increase literacy through the use of art. Prior to a visit to the Ogden Museum, students read and discuss a suggested book in class. During the students' visit to the Ogden Museum, they view artwork related to the book and their conversations and participate in in-gallery activities reinforcing newly learned concepts and vocabulary.

Suggested books for pre-K:
Matthew's Dream by Leo Leonni (introduction to a museum)
My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss (colors)

Suggested books for Kindergarten:
Frederick by Leo Lionni (seasons)
The Room of Wonders by Sergio Ruzzier (found objects)

Suggested books for 1st grade:
Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold (neighborhood)
Art from her Heart by Kathy Whitehead (memories/Clementine Hunter)

For information on how your students can participate in this program, please contact Ellen Balkin, Education Coordinator at or 504.539.9608.

Artist and Sense of Place

Artist-in-Residency Program, Ogden Museum of Southern Art - UNO

Since 2001, the education department of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art has focused on bringing artists from the museumís collection to New Orleans area schools. Artists and Sense of Place pairs public elementary schools with artists to explore the influence of situation and geography on their lives.

Responding to their own surroundings, artists often incorporate a sense of place in their work. This is particularly true of Southern artists such as those featured in the collections of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Instructed by the artist in the medium he or she prefers, the students create a work or works of art that reflect their world. At the end of a three- to four-week residency, the studentsí creations are displayed in the museum, where they are brought to see their work and recognize themselves as Southern artists. Ultimately, the resulting works of art are installed at the school site, while one piece enters the museumís education collection.

What separates this program from other artist residencies is the museum component. Bringing children to the museum is key because so many have had little or no museum experiences. Students, no matter what their expectations, become engaged and leave with significant memories of working with our artists and visiting the museum to see their own work and that of other artists.

For information on how your students can participate in this program, please contact Ellen Balkin, Education Coordinator at or 504.539.9608.

Day with an Artist

Day with An Artist brings 20 middle or high-school students to the museum to spend time discussing and making art with an artist represented in the museum's collection. The artist selects three to four works in the museum for study, including one of his or her own pieces. After a tour of these works, students participate in a "press conference" lunch with the artist, asking questions prepared in advance or developed during the tour. The day concludes with an art-making workshop conducted by the artist focusing on a particular technique discussed during the day.

For information on how your students can participate in this program, please contact Ellen Balkin, Education Coordinator at or 504.539.9608.

The Ogden Museum's S.T.E.M. Collaboration Program

This spring, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art partnered with Warren Easton High School's STEM Academy to create a program examining the connections between science and the arts. The STEM Academy integrates the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) focusing on inquiry-based, problem solving, and project-based learning according to student interests and industry needs. The Academy provides students an understanding of the impact STEM has on their world as they prepare to participate, contribute, and compete in the global workforce.

After viewing "Mark Hewitt: Big-Hearted Pots," (Jan.-April 2011) an exhibition of ceramic art on view at the Ogden, students had the chance to put new-found artistic inspiration and scientific knowledge together, creating their own works of ceramic art. Over the course of four after-school visits to the Ogden, Warren Easton students worked with local ceramic artist Rashida Ferdinand discussing the science of ceramics, from the chemical changes that clay and glazes go through as they are fired to the chemical makeup of different ceramic materials.

This semester's STEM collaboration is inspired by the Ogden's exhibition "A Technological Terrarium" (Aug.-Sept. 2011), in which artists and hackers from New Orleans, Houma, and Austin presented work that disturbs lines between the traditions of mechanics, technology and art. Most participants in the exhibition are also part of Automata, an annual exhibition in New Orleans of mechanical, kinetic, electronic, and biological sculpture. The art and creative concepts demonstrated in this exhibition correspond to the theories that the collaborative program explores: how art and science are inarguably intertwined and the study of one can only enhance and support the understanding of the other. During the 2011 fall semester project, students will work with kinetic sculpture artists to create their own movable pieces of art using basic engineering principles and design. The artwork created will be on view at the Ogden Museum beginning December 1, 2011.

For information on how your students can participate in this program, please contact Ellen Balkin, Education Coordinator at or 504.539.9608.

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