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Artist and Sense of Place

Artist-in-Residency Program, Ogden Museum of Southern Art - UNO

During the pilot year of Artists and Sense of Place three nationally recognized artists represented in The Ogden Museum of Southern Art were selected to conduct a four-week residency at their neighborhood schools. By responding to their own surroundings, artists often incorporate a sense of place in their work. This is particularly true of Southern artists such as those featured in the collections of The Ogden Museum of Southern Art. In preparation for the museum opening, The Ogden Museum designed this project to introduce community audiences to the Museum and its collections by celebrating the communities reflected in the art.

The artists, who worked and lived in three historic neighborhoods, collaborated with students in their neighborhood public schools to create artwork, which reflected the sense of place in their neighborhood. The artwork was exhibited and the final pieces became a part of the Education Collection at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Each school also received a site-specific work of art made by students and artist.

The pilot year was so successful that three schools were selected for the residency for the second year. One school continued the residency with the same artist. Another artist continued his residency at a different school, his alma mater.

The residencies were made possible through finding by the New Orleans Tourism and Economic Development funds and State Representative Karen Carter.

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