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By Photographer Aubrey Edwards and Journalist Alison Fensterstock


"My favorite memory of New Orleans music ... I got to say the second lines, I ain't gonna lie. The second lines, man. I lived like right on the corner of Freret and Louisiana, and there used to be days that were quiet-quiet. And all of a sudden, you'd be asleep and then you'd hear that music - bomp-pa, bomp-pa - I'd hear people right in front of my door. I'd just come right outside on my porch. That second line. That was amazing to me. You miss it when you go out of town. Like when I was in Atlanta after Katrina, I was like damn - I ain't heard some second line in two years. It was funny about it - you could be anywhere in New Orleans and a second line would pop up, and you'd be stuck there for a minute or however long it'd take to get around it. It's crazy."

Lil Pimp and Cheeky Blakk

"The first moment when I wanted to do music was when me and my son's father got into it. He was like, "I feel like this. You need to go ahead on and finish school and I'm going to take care of him." I said, "How are you going to take care of him if you be out there doing your thing?" That's how the beef thing came about, as far as him writing a song about me. I said, "You better do whatever you're going to do - let me do me." He said, "All right. I'm going to write a song about you." I said, "All right you write a song about me. You already know I'm going to deal with you." He came out with the song. It was called, "Boo-Koo Bitches." It really tripped me out to this day. "Here's another ho by the name of Cheeky Blakk." I swear. He was on Cash Money. I was like, "Okay, that's how you want to play, all right. I'm going to play. 'Well, Pimp Daddy/ it's about that time/ Cheeky Blakk tell you 'bout your funny, fake-ass rhymes.'" I'm just going at it. We did the club the End Zone one time. Boy, we were going at it. They was like, 'Uh-uh, y'all is going to take your family dispute out of here.' That's how I got known for battling males." - Cheeky Blackk

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